New Mexico's Capital Dilemma

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Year: 2014

Description: The time of expenditure for the capital program fund project originally authorized in Paragraph (10) of Subsection B of Section 25 of Chapter 429 of Laws 2003 and reauthorized in Laws 2005, Chapter 347, Section 181 and in Laws 2008, Chapter 83, Section 397 and in Laws 2010 (2nd S.S.), Chapter 4, Section 30 and in Laws 2012, Chapter 63, Section 53 to plan, design, construct, equip and furnish a safety inspeciton station in Santa Teresa in Dona Ana county is extended through fiscal year 2015.


County: San Juan

Amount budgeted: $296,509.0

Amount spent (through June 23): $202,343.0

Arts in public places allocation: $0.0

Reauthorized to the same or another project: $0.0

Amount returned to state (through June 23): $0.0

Balance as of June 23: $94,167.0

Project status: Construction progressing 6/15/15-at

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