New Mexico's Capital Dilemma

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Year: 2012

Description: to design and construct improvements to the parking lot, sidewalks, landcaping and lighting, including removal of asphalt, at the Meadowlark senior center in Rio Rancho in Sandoval county

City: Rio Rancho

County: Sandoval

Amount budgeted: $350,000.0

Amount spent (through June 23): $350,000.0

Arts in public places allocation: $0.0

Reauthorized to the same or another project: $0.0

Amount returned to state (through June 23): $0.0

Balance as of June 23: $0.0

Project status: Notice of obligation issued for G. Donald Dudly Architect for $90,805.00 on 04/17/2014. Grant agreement is fully executed. Project is currently in design phase and is near completion. ; construction drawings 70% complete; Dudly will oversee construction expected to commence summer 2014; City to assist with RFP development. 3/18/14 RM Albuquerque Asphalt awarded contract; construction to commence end of May 2014. 5/20/14 RM // Light poles & fixtures installed; raised planter w/bench seat formed, poured, backfilled and completed; irrigation backflow preventer, control valve, mainline, lateral lines, many bubblers, valve boxes installed and mainline pressure tested and passed; plaza, median additional landscape vegetation installed; final striping, most parking bumpers, parking lot signage installed; concrete and metal bollards installed; shade structures permitted, installed and inspected; sidewalk culverts/drains, pedestrian access ramp constructed; parking lot railings installed, painted. 9/23/14 RM

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