New Mexico's Capital Dilemma

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Year: 2010

Description: to complete construction of the Santa Teresa port of entry in Dona Ana county

City: Santa Teresa

County: Dona Ana

Amount budgeted: $2,500,000.0

Amount spent (through June 23): $317,749.0

Arts in public places allocation: $25,000.0

Reauthorized to the same or another project: $2,157,251.0

Amount returned to state (through June 23): $0.0

Balance as of June 23: $0.0

Project status: Bonds Sold. Moved budget from fund 64100 to fund 89200. LM 9/15/10. Wilson Co A/E. Tentative 100 CD s on hold until DOT approves Env. Assess. report. Report Expected to be finalized in February 2011 Expect ITB 6/15/11 GG. Wilson to complete CD s after final two parcel surveys and apraisal Approved in order to Complete Land swap/acquisition. It has been agreed to bid both portins of project independently: Site work and building. New MOA with DOT pending GG. New MOA with DOT executed March 2011. Wilson Co A/E. to complete building CD s to 100 and submit for plan review to CID by June, 2011 GG. No activity - funds being used on a first in first out basis with other funding GG. No Activity, other funding being used first 12/16/11 PN. No activity. FIFO with other funding 03/07/12 GG. ITB - August Pending land swap 06/13/12 GG. Multiple projects - Anticipated Bids March 2013 12/21/12 GG. Multiple projects - Bid docs being completed 03/11/13 GG-ITB bids due 7/26/13 06/11/13LJ. - Multiple projects - GC contract has been executed. Work to gegin 01/08/14 12/23/13 GG

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