New Mexico's Capital Dilemma

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Year: 2011

Description: SUPREME COURT BUILDING COMMISSION PROJECT-- SEVERANCE TAX BONDS.-- Pursuant to the provisions of Section 1 of this act, upon certification by the supreme court building commission that the need exists for the issuance of the bonds, seven hundred thousand dollars ($700,000) is appropriated to the supreme court building commission to replace or upgrade the roof at the supreme court building in Santa Fe in Santa Fe county

City: Santa Fe

County: Santa Fe

Amount budgeted: $700,000.0

Amount spent (through June 23): $685,341.0

Arts in public places allocation: $0.0

Reauthorized to the same or another project: $0.0

Amount returned to state (through June 23): $14,659.0

Balance as of June 23: $0.0

Project status: Building Commission has entered into a contract with M E Engineering Inc. as Project Managers. A PO has been issued for PO 1221900029 66,500. Payments vouchered for M E are voucher 122190096 20,598,voucher 1219095 3,394.60, 12219111 23,992.30 and 12219121 210.96. A purchase order 1221900039 has been issued to Longhorn Construction for 614,783.94. Approximately 23 percent of the work has been completed. An invoice has been paid to Longhorn Construction voucher 12219135 for 169,591.48. A voucher for 1321905 for 73,053.30,13219041 for 18628.48, and voucher 13219054 for 21,069.47 completion date should be the end of year. The agency project is complete will revert balance. 12219095 3,394.60, 12119111 23,992.30 and 12219121 210.96. A purchase order 1221900039 has been issued to Longhorn Constuction 1221900039 for 614,783.04. Approximately 23 of the work of the base bid has work has been done, an invoice has paid to Longhorn Construction SVC INC for 169,59148 voucher 12219135.

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