New Mexico's Capital Dilemma

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Year: 2013

Description: SECTION 34. SUPREME COURT BUILDING COMMISSION PROJECT--SEVERANCE TAX BONDS.--Pursuant to the provisions of Section 2 of the 2013 Work New Mexico Act, upon certification by the supreme court building commission that the need exists for the issuance of the bonds, three hundred thousand dollars($300,000) is appropriated to the supreme court building commission to repair, replace and install the railing and cork flooring at the supreme court building in Santa Fe in Santa Fe county.

City: Santa Fe

County: Santa Fe

Amount budgeted: $300,000.0

Amount spent (through June 23): $239,417.0

Arts in public places allocation: $0.0

Reauthorized to the same or another project: $0.0

Amount returned to state (through June 23): $60,583.0

Balance as of June 23: $0.0

Project status: This project did not meet the completion date June 30, 2014 Longhorn was short cork tile and it will not be delivered until November 15, a new completion date of December 15, 2014 is projected. This project is due to be complete by June 30, 2014. M E is the project manager they have invoiced 35,210.23 to date and Longhorn was given the construction contract they invoiced to date 204,207.10. As of 12-17-14 the project is not complete and the flooring may need to be redone. No other invoice have been paid to date.

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